PVC corners

Plastic made corner – is intended to be used for both inner and outer walls corners fitting. PVC corners usually are used as siding fitting. Either they are often used to secure walls fitting different finishings (wallpaper, putty, external styrofoam). While choosing corners, check with producer:

  • If there is quality certificate or other document that states product features and properties of goods.
  • Dying method as it is very important to add color while making PVC plasticizer.
  • Correlation of PVC chips and admixtures. Pay attention to this issue, cause in case of excess of filling materials, corner looses flexibility and becomes crispy and unable to protect Your walls.

пластиковый уголок фасадNext Level Plast company – is one the biggest PVC corners producer in Ukraine. We do not use cheap fillers in our products. Modern German equipment and imported on our own PVC raw material from Begra and Amvil are used.

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Next Level Plast Corners

голубий пластиковий кутникрудий пластиковий кутниккоричневий пластиковий кутник

Product features

Nomenclature weight flankwidth,mm faceplate width,mm pannel thickness, mm
Outside corner 0,1 kg/rm 35 30 8-10
Inside corner 0,1 kg/rm 35 20 8-10
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