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History and benefits of Next Level Plast PVC goods

Next Level Plast company was founded in 2002. It performed on inner market of Ukraine, known as “Aro Plast Plus”, in the beginning.

After entering international market and achieving competitive advantage it was given a new name “Next Level Plast”. We specialize in wall siding, plastic fence and benches.

Advantage over competitive products

High quality

It is maintained thanks to state-of-the-art equipment and quality raw materials. Our goods can be used both for inner and outer finishing. Products are flexible, durable, water, frost, UV, rot, and spoilage microorganisms proof.


Dye is added to polymer compound during production. While other producers paint front side of plastic wall siding panels. This may cause scratches, color separation, fading,


This index is measured as correlation of length, weight, thickness and amount of stiffening ribs, which makes plastic wall siding panels stronger. Our siding is 8mm thick, has10 ribs, weights 1.35 kg/MQ, while siding quality standard is 1.1-1.5 kg/MQ

Fire safety

Our PVC siding panels are fire-retarding and do not maintain fire. According to Research Institute protocol our PVC siding do not burn or maintain fire.

Safe for human health

Product went through tests, certifications, sanitary and hygiene studies.

Easy to install

On contrary to cheap siding, produced from chalk added blend, which makes installation harder (product chops, breaks, becomes sensitive to impacts) our products are flexible, bendable and strikes resistant. PVC siding doesn’t require special transportation conditions (it bends maintaining even surface).

Exterior aesthetics

Siding not only makes walls visually more even, but also have heat-protective, waterproof and water resistant properties. They are handy and durable. Our siding is even used for outer mansion finishing.

Our equipment

Single Screw Extruder Т 66 ZZ

PVC goods production is performed on modern equipment with the help of extrusion method, by squeezing hot PVC blend through formed in extruder perforations, which shapes plastic.

We use German extruders and high quality PVC chips from Begra and Amvil producers. They do not add harmful substances to cut prime cost.


Accuracy in size is one of the main criteria of quality in plastic production.

Our plant produces PVC using modern ST KZPW calibration line, which is very accurate and provides excellent quality of production.

OD 2000 ME–31–2 OY-300

After extrusion and calibration, a product goes to a traction equipment, which pulls it from the calibrator and performs the final linear formation.  The traction equipment works automatically, according to the parameters set by an operator, allowing the extrudes and the calibrators to make products in steady-state.

All the technical parameters are displayed on the operator's monitor.



The product acquire its final form during the longwise cutting. We use the standard lengths of products, though we are able to make customized production if needed. Flexible software and quality sawing machinery allow us to satisfy any needs of our customers.

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Our awards

Our awards for high-quality production

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