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Contact our plastic production plant Next Level Plast – 0673742761 and we will help to make decision.

Next Level Plast plastic wall siding is produced by extrusion of polyvinylchloride on modern German equipment. We import PVC chips from Begra and Amwil on our own. This guaranties quality and timely delivery.

We sell wholesale and at retail.

Goods can be both delivered or picked up from plant.


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Product features

Nomenclature weight stiffing ribs Width, mm
Siding 3m long, 10mm thick 1,4 kg/MQ 10 100
Siding 6m long, 10mm thick 1,4 kg/MQ 10 100
Random length (made to order) 1,4 kg/MQ 10 100
Component pieces
Nomenclature weight flankwidth,mm faceplate width,mm
L-profile (for 8-10 mm siding) 0,065 kg/rm 30 18
H-profile (for 8-10 mm siding) 0,065 kg/rm 55 40
F-profile (for 8-10 mm siding) 0,065 kg/rm 30 65; 25
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